Careers and volunteering

Careers at 1800RESPECT

1800RESPECT is delivered by Medibank Health Services on behalf of the Federal Government Department of Social Services as part of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

All employment opportunities for 1800RESPECT administration and first response counselling teams are coordinated through the Medibank Careers website.

We may also advertise current opportunities on the 1800RESPECT LinkedIn page.

Counsellor qualifications

1800RESPECT first response counsellors require as a minimum a 3 year tertiary qualification in a relevant field and have 2 years minimum full time counselling experience.

1800RESPECT trauma specialist counsellors hold a 3 year tertiary qualification in a relevant field and have 3 years experience in specialised sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling, and working with people from diverse backgrounds and locations.

To see available opportunities as a 1800RESPECT first response counsellor, please visit the Medibank Careers website.

To see available opportunities as a 1800RESPECT trauma specialist counsellor, please visit our 1800RESPECT Partners websites.

Volunteering and student placements

Unfortunately, 1800RESPECT does not have volunteer or student placement programs at this time.

Please search our Service Directory for organisations in your area who may be accepting volunteers.

About Medibank Health Solutions

Medibank Health Solutions delivers a range of innovative health care solutions for corporate Australia and government. We are proud to deliver the 1800RESPECT service on behalf of the Australian Government.

Medibank’s purpose is for better health. Everything we do is aimed at delivering better health outcomes to all Australians, through the provision of health services and our work in the community.

We’re passionate about nurturing careers, supporting new innovation and thinking, and openly collaborate and share ideas. Our people play an important role in the future of health & healthcare, and we believe that by working together, we’re stronger.

We recognise that our people are all unique in their life experiences, skills and abilities. We want to be known for having a diverse workforce and valuing the range of backgrounds that represent our people through gender, age, LGBTI, ethnicity, religious and cultural backgrounds, family status and flexibility.

With such a broad network of opportunities across Medibank, we require a diverse mix of talent with the passion and skill to promote the values of better health at every level.

Visit the Medibank Careers page to explore the range of opportunities at Medibank.