The Disability Support Toolkit has resources for frontline workers supporting people with disability who have been impacted by violence and abuse.

The Toolkit is a result of the Disability Pathways Project, which aimed to improve responses for people with disability who have been impacted by sexual assaultdomestic and family violence.

1800RESPECT counsellors now provide improved support to people with disability who are impacted by violence and abuse, and the service has been accredited by Scope.

Disability Support Toolkit

This Disability Support Toolkit is an outcome of the Disabilities Pathways Project. It has been developed to provide frontline workers with resources to assist them in supporting people with disability who have been impacted by violence and abuse.

People with disability are 1.8 times more likely to experience violence and abuse, including more varied forms of abuse. (Source: AIHW Report 2019.) They are also less likely, and take longer to reach out for support.

This Toolkit includes:

  • Videos to share with clients on how to contact the 1800RESPECT service and how the service works
  • Easy English booklets that can be downloaded or ordered free from 1800RESPECT
  • Information about the Sunny app.

This Toolkit can be used in conjunction with information provided on our website on Inclusive Practice: Supporting people with disability.

Read more about the Disabilities Pathways Project and its outcomes.

1800RESPECT service has been accredited with the Scope Communication Access Symbol

Following a comprehensive training and assessment program, 1800RESPECT counsellors now provide improved support to people with disability, who are impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence. 1800RESPECT was awarded the Scope Communication Access Symbol in late 2019. When you see the symbol, it means the business or service you are visiting is accessible to people with communication difficulties:

  • Staff are welcoming and treat everyone with respect
  • Staff are able to communicate successfully with people with communication difficulties
  • Communication tools are available to help people get their message across and understand what people are telling them.

See our joint media release for full details. Visit the Scope website to find out more, including the 10 Steps to Communication Access.

Disability Support Toolkit Guidelines: Putting it into practice

Guidelines for using specialist resources with women with disabilities who have experienced violence and abuse. This document is for staff who work in sexual assault, domestic or family violence support services with a key role in supporting women with disabilities who experience violence and abuse.

These guidelines were the outcome of a project funded by the Australian Government in collaboration with Medibank Health Solutions, 1800RESPECT and Deakin University.

Guidelines: Putting it into practice

Disability Support Toolkit: Factsheets

3 factsheets are available on how to make the most of the Disability Support Toolkit resources:

  • Easy English booklets
  • Working with people with disability
  • Sunny app.

These factsheets have been developed as quick guides for frontline workers supporting people with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. We recommend they be read in addition to the Disability Support Toolkit Guidelines.

Factsheet: Easy English booklets

Factsheet: Working with people with disability

Factsheet: Sunny app

Scope Videos

This set of 3 videos were co-developed by Scope and 1800RESPECT. They are designed to be viewed by people with disability, and include information on how to contact 1800RESPECT, and how the service works.

Video 1: What is 1800RESPECT?

Disability Support Toolkit: What is 1800RESPECT?

1800RESPECT is a service for someone to call if they have violence or sexual assault happen to them. This video explains what you can talk to our counsellors about. 1800RESPECT counsellors have training in talking to people with disability. View the full playlist on the 1800RESPECT YouTube Channel.

Video 2: What to expect when you call 1800RESPECT

Disability Support Toolkit: What to expect when you call 1800RESPECT

This video explains why people call 1800RESPECT, and how you can contact the service by phone and web chat. It also explains what to expect when you call, and an advocate shares their experience of calling the service. View on the 1800RESPECT YouTube Channel.

Video 3: Testimonials

Disability Support Toolkit: Testimonials

Advocates share their experiencing of contacting 1800RESPECT, and how it can be different for different people with disability. They explain what devices they used, and what it was like communicating with the counsellors. View on the 1800RESPECT YouTube Channel.

Easy English booklets

The Easy English booklets have been developed as part of the Disability Pathways Project and with Women with Disabilities Australia. They are evidence based, user group tested and easy to use. You can download fully accessible PDF versions below, or you can contact 1800RESPECT with your postal details to order hardcopies.

Please note that hardcopies of the booklets are limited, and will be supplied to SADFV frontline, disability support, and advocacy services only.

The Easy English brochure has been developed as a short resource to explain violence and abuse. The brochure is in PDF format and can be downloaded to your device and for printing in DL format.

1800RESPECT Easy English book 1: Learn about violence

1800RESPECT Easy English book 2: Learn about rights

​​​​​​​1800RESPECT Easy English book 3: Where violence happens and who can do violence

Easy English DL brochure

Disability Support Toolkit

Sunny app

Sunny is 1800RESPECT’s app for women with disability who have experienced violence and abuse. Sunny has been co-designed with women with disability to make sure it provides the very best support for the people who use it. Learn more about Sunny.

Go to the App Store or Google Play store to download Sunny. Sunny is free to download and is free to use on your phone.

Download Sunny from the App Store for iOS

Download Sunny from Google Play for Android phones