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Safety apps for your digital devices

  • Safety apps can help increase your safety when using digital devices like mobile phones, iPads, and tablets
  • You can download most safety apps on your digital devices for free
  • Each application (app) has different information and services. You do not need to be experiencing violence or abuse to use a safety app
  • If you or someone you know is affected by domestic, family and sexual violence, you can call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732, text 0458 737 732 or visit our website for online chat and video call services:
    • Available 24/7: Call, text or online chat
    • Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST (except national public holidays): Video call (no appointment needed) 

What is a safety app?

Safety apps are specialised applications (apps) that aim to provide individuals with additional security and assistance in various situations.

Various safety apps offer a range of features to help you feel safe and secure. Some common features of safety apps include (but are not limited to):

  • Send emergency alerts
  • Share your location with trusted contacts
  • Safety tips such as how to ensure your phone is not monitored
  • Access to SOS buttons
  • Search nearby emergency services
  • Discreetly reach out to emergency contacts
  • Call 000 if you are in danger or an emergency
  • Search for information discreetly in your browser
  • Access safety-related information and resources.

You can download and use safety apps on smartphones and tablets and on some computers.

1800RESPECT apps like Daisy and Sunny are available across Australia.

Before you download safety apps, consider the following:

  • If it suits your needs and situation — it can differ for different people
  • If it meets your accessibility requirements
  • If it is easy to use
  • If it is asking for more information than is needed
  • If required, how to quickly uninstall or delete the app.

List of safety apps

Sunny is an app for people with disability affected by violence and abuse. It helps you tell your story, understand what has happened to you, know your rights and find people who can help you.


Daisy is an app to connect people to a range of support services across the country. The Daisy app allows you to access phone numbers and websites for support services from within the app. This means that any searches within the app do not show up in your browser history.

Arc can help people to track details of abusive behaviour, record their experiences and tell their stories. Users can upload photos, videos, audio, and diary entries to record what has happened, when it happened and how it made them feel.

  • Arc was created by Safe and Equal
  • You can visit Arc to learn more about the app
  • You can use this app anywhere in Australia
  • Arc's iOS and Android apps are currently experiencing some issues, therefore recommend using the web application.

Help Me app is designed to help keep kids safe but can also help people of all ages, covering all personal emergencies. The app has a ‘Help Me’ button that sounds like a warning and lets you send an SMS to those in your safety network. It also has resources to educate kids and parents on how to stay safe.

Positive Pathways is a safety and wellbeing app for women experiencing domestic and family violence. Its main purpose is for use in emergencies, with audio recording, automatic help messages, GPS location, and a one-touch 000 call function.

The Emergency+ app helps you call Triple Zero (000) quickly and communicates your location to emergency call-takers. Emergency+ also includes SES and Police Assistance Line numbers as options, so non-emergency calls are made to the most appropriate number.

  • The Emergency+ app was developed by Australia's emergency services, and their government and industry partners
  • You can visit their website for more information about the app
  • You can use this app anywhere in Australia
  • You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

This app helps people to record incidents of abusive behaviour. It also provides contact information for more than 900 local support services.

  • The Empower You app was developed by the New South Wales Police
  • You can use this app anywhere in Australia
  • You can download it for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The I'm Safe app helps women alert their trusted contacts using SOS Sirens, record incidents of abusive behaviour, provide contact information for local support services, and connect them with experts via its "Ask for help" feature. The app also has a “Fake Call” feature to help women leave uncomfortable situations.  

  • I’m Safe App was developed by I’m Safe Australia Pty Ltd. 

  • You can visit their website for more information about the app 

  • You can use this app anywhere in Australia & around the World 

  • You can download it for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.