Events and Webinars

Upcoming sexual assault, domestic and family violence and related conferences, events and webinars from around Australia are listed here for your information. Where 1800RESPECT is attending, including stalls and speakers, is noted in the description for each event.

Domestic and Family Violence Response Training (DV-alert)

Domestic and Family Violence Response Training (DV-alert) is designed to build capacity in frontline workers within universal services for whom family violence is not a core function of their role.
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Lucy's Project webinars on ways services can improve their capacity to support people and animals experiencing DFV

Lucy's Project is offering a series of free webinars for domestic and family violence (DFV), community, government and other services to improve their capacity to support people and animals experiencing DFV. The July webinar will focus on creating an animal inclusive DFV practice, exploring why animals should be included, benefits of an animal inclusive service, intake process and safety assessment form, and working with animal support agencies. The August webinar will focus on safety planning for people and animals, exploring creating a safety plan for people and animals including companion, farmed and assistance animals, relocating and rehoming animals, and relevant laws.

Type:          Webinar
When:        21 July and 18 August 2021
Location:    Online


Women’s Health Victoria online masterclasses 'Storytelling for Change' and 'Gender Transformative Practice'

Women’s Health Victoria is offering an online masterclass “Storytelling for Change”, aiming to build confidence and skills in crafting and sharing stories that communicate drivers of violence against women. 

Type:         Online  masterclass
When:       18-19 August 2021


Women’s Health Victoria is offering an online masterclass “Gender Transformative Practice”, aiming to build your confidence and skills to undertake effective gender transformative practice as part of your primary prevention and gender equality work. This Masterclass explores the key theoretical principles underpinning gender transformative work, asking you to reflect on your own practice and experience.

Type:         Online  masterclass
When:       13-14 October 2021


Engender Equality masterclass on Breaking the Trap: Working with Clients Experiencing Coercive Control

Engender Equality is running a new online masterclass Breaking the Trap: Working with Clients Experiencing Coercive Control. Participants in the masterclass work directly with Dr Torna Pitman and a small group of peers in a relaxed 3-hour forum to explore the real-life application of coercive control theory. They also receive a Breaking the Trap practitioner resource for use in their own client work. There are six sessions running from August – October. Concession tickets are available.

Type:       Online masterclass
Date:       6 sessions August - October


FDV Conference 2021

Type:       Conference
Date:       13 - 15 September 2021
Location: Perth


Bringing children and young people into view: strengthening policy and practice responses for children and young people experiencing family, domestic and sexual violence. Presented by Stopping Family Violence and the Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing.

Indigenous Well being Conference

Type:         Conference
Date:         7-8 October 2021
Location:   Cairns, QLD


Connecting Communities and Services to Close the Gap in Social & Emotional Well being. 
At the 2021 Indigenous Well being Conference, you will discover the latest Indigenous-led, grassroot programs and projects taking place around the nation and across the seas. You will learn how to implement practical evidence-based research into your service, and gain a greater understanding of Indigenous protocols, practices, and considerations.
Discover ways to connect with services, communities and clients when distance is a challenge, and hear about the existing health care gaps and strategies. With a program full of practical solutions, you will leave better equipped to effectively acknowledge and encompass physical, spiritual, and cultural needs of Indigenous populations.


Stop Domestic Violence Conference

The STOP Domestic Violence Conference unites a range of professionals vested in improving the quality of life for everybody affected by domestic violence.

Type:       Conference
Date:       1-3 December 2021
Location: Gold Coast